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Group AOA leader Jimin this Cup prospect attraction exposed.

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Girl group AOA member Seolhyun and Jimin this Kim, your welcome and of friendship, were proud.

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'A costly salon' Channel One, BTS Jimin+EXO Kai Love call

BTS Jimin and EXO Kai towards the 'Fan center' bared or.."'Tapgol line means' Now!!!"

'A costly salon' channel, or "BTS Jimin - EXO Kai and joint stage, and"

'A costly salon' channel, or "EXO Kai X BTS Jimin, joint performances and features" Fan center

'A rice salon' Kim Ji Hyun - Chae, or the Legends Tapgol fairy appeared! "BTS Jimin - EXO Kai love joint performances and"

'A rice salon' Channel One, BTS Jimin and EXO Kai's confession "Joint performance information and files"

'A rice salon' channel, or "EXO Kai and BTS Jimin and joint performances, and"..Fan center 'Explosion'

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Group AOA member Jimin this cute charm to show him.

AOA Jimin, this status was introduced.

Samsung Group AOA member Jimin this Beagle beauty routine to share.

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Han Jimin(Hanjimin), today friendly Jimin Mr. 'Mind seed is also pretty great.~' (JTS distance memory now)

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