Group BLACKPINK member Ji Soo The One released a photo.

'Should be' More X Lee Cho-hee,lip-to-reach 1 second before the capture..Tingle Ji Soo↑

"Park Bo-gum X Park So-dam Tingle Ji Soo perfect"..'Youth records', for basic reading only as exciting and foreboding

Group BLACKPINK member Ji Soo near situation to the public.

Samsung Group BLACKPINK Ji Soo with Rosé and heart-warming two-shot was introduced.

Group BLACKPINK Ji Soo and my girl Bona go for a selfie in public.

BLACKPINK, 4 4-Color Full Body prettier 'Comeback' expectations↑'

BLACKPINK Ji Soo 'Long last!'

BLACKPINK Jennie Kim - Ji Soo 'With a blanket tightly'

BLACKPINK Ji Soo, pure of crystals

'Comeback' BLACKPINK, goal 4 4-color visuals

Ji Soo, a perfect Princess posture "Blink, now only one."

BLACKPINK, new song melody some selected public..magnificent sound 'Overwhelming'

BLACKPINK Ji Soo, and we've loved Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha..pure the end of

BLACKPINK Ji Soo, first love reminds us that pure, Beautiful looks..Summer sunshine, such as Miso

Lovelyz endnote x Ji Soo x example "Eye but when comeback story"

BLACKPINK Ji Soo, the woman so pretty..'Pure attraction holic'

BLACKPINK Ji Soo, flowers more compelling than Beautiful looks 'Pure' and'

'In the Mood for Love' three months beyond the two men's love story unfolds.

'Man the memories of how' Kim Dong-Wook - Moon Ga-young this month month shave skin with the viewers at the heart of the matter without paying them will.