Diamond write as Han Ji-min the read

Han Ji-min, the pure water access

Han Ji-min, than diamond dazzling Beautiful looks

Dazzling Han Ji-min, the gesture elegant beauty

Dazzling Han Ji-min, the gesture elegant beauty

Singer IU's jewellery photoshoot is on.

Han Ji-min 'Seo Min-jung'

Han Ji-min, 'The hole thing'

Han Ji-min 'Hi?'

Han Ji-min entry

Han Ji-min 'Concise ' one'

Actor Song Hye-kyo with black and white photo released.

Actress Song Hye-kyo near the situation I was.

Irene, alluring, elegant image of the magnet..replace the screen than most

Song Hye-kyo, jewelry brand greeting video as a whole for the recent "Be happy, enjoy"

Actor Song Hye-kyo's near situation to the public.

Actor Song Hye-kyo the most superior, Beautiful looks, and was proud.

'Goddess descent' Goal Song Hye-kyo..Smokey makeup in our beauty well

Song Hye-kyo, divorce after the first domestic schedule canceled..why?

The late set Memorial wave..Song Hye-kyo, Porto Chocolate event cancellation (synthesis)