Park Shin-hye 'As well elegant footsteps'

Irene 'A wonderful walking'

Sulli 'Jacket pick up me a beautiful, off-the-shoulder'

Sulli 'The jacket is off and I have to go.'

'Selfish 8,' Claudia KimvsHan Go-eun, extreme and extreme fashion showdown

Han Go-eun, runway Model, like the elegant coat bare~

Claudia Kim 'Spring air Alicante is a healing smile'

Claudia Kim 'Unaffected smile'

Han Go-eun 'His deep eyes'

Han Go-eun 'Coat outside with solid abs'

Han Go-eun, hearts are cute

Han Go-eun, eyes in quality or charisma

Han Go-eun, the price of even the~

Han Go-eun, flash baptism popping price of more than

Han Go-eun, prices of and elegant entrance

Han Go-eun, Fatal Attraction