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Jessie, coppery Skins+a Black Panther crop top finished with I Am Not a Hipster visual

Gods 'Nonstop'as a comeback for the girl group OH MY GIRL this is SBS 'Running Man'in the scramble for.

Singer Hyuna and Jessie the sexy's were.

Jessie, South other healthy divergence..Hyuna help 'Admiration'

Jessie got the check but the day I was.

Park Bo-gum, The Host appeared in "Music as a new dimension Jessie"

Singer Jessie(Jessi)and Jay Park this cowardice.

Jessie, 23, 1 year and 2 months only to comeback confirmed 'Avoid that after the first song'

Jung Woo-sung, Surfing the Holy Land in Jessie that Traverse lifestyle

Jessie the magnificence of This appeal that way..overwhelming volume+Apple hip

Jessie, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam shakes for cheap fashion!

"PSY and Jessie and Hyuna and E'Dawn"..a collection family one

Running Man members Irene favoritism claims, and was furious.

Hong Jin-young, 11 November 女 advertising model brand and reputation # 1.. # 2 IU # 3 Seo Hyun-jin

"Your advice effects" Hong Jin-young, 11 November 女 advertising model of brand reputation 1

"Irene, it's so pretty." 'Las' Crush, the sensual 'Confession of Blindness'

Dark & ​​amp; Wild X big hit, early renewal in 6th year .. "Strengthening dedicated team" (comprehensive)

Dark & ​​amp; Wild, Signed an early contract with big hit "Respect for Bang Si-Hyuk mentor"