Singer Kim Jae-hwan this 'Idol radio' special DJ Jeong Se-woon and fire breathing were proud.

10 November 17 broadcast of the olive channel's 'Idol Social Dining(not soda) starred for Kim, Kun-is Jeong Se-woon, in SF9 toughness, AB6IX before the fight along with the meal and a did.

'Inkigayo' EXO Chen - Jang Woo Hyuk - Baek JI Young, today(6th) comeback stage

"autumn, the man of the season"..Man solo succession comeback

Jeong Se-woon, 'the Comeback.'

Jeong Se-woon,'the Passionate stage'

Jeong Se-woon,'Sandy to think and'

Admission to Jeong Se-woon (Music Bank Sorn)

Jeong Se-woon,'We all shout'

Jeong Se-woon, the last boyfriend of his deep eyes

Jeong Se-woon, sweet Fan service

Jeong Se-woon, a microphone playing guitar

Jeong Se-woon 'Fans towards the Sweet Hand of greeting'

"IU from the late Kim Kwang Suk up"..'Constellation live' Jeong Se-woon, the listener moved to cover shipping

'Singer idol' Jeong Se-woon, this 'Constellation live'the abundant cover sent to unfold the topic.