Ku Hye-sun, 'Jecheon stained beauty'

'Jecheon International Music & Film Festiv', 'Visual to extinguish a yellow dress'

Son Dam-bi, 'A stupendous killing'

Son Dam-bi, 'Pleasant Red Carpet'

Uhm Ji-won, 'Jecheon International Music Festival'

Place HAN, 'Short-lived goddess'

Son Dam-bi, 'A stupendous killing'

Place HAN, 'I am captivated by the eyes.'

"A light foot"

Place HAN, 'Red Carpet hero'

Uhm Ji-won, 'Beautiful appearance'

Koo Hye-sun 'Is it a little thin?' (Jecheon International Music & Film Festiv)

Kwon Yulrye 'Discount dress' (Red Carpet at Jecheon Film Festival)

Kang Ji-young, beauty that stands out from the distance