OH MY GIRL YooA the ratio of eye-catching.

'Gag idol' cocoon, 日, famous comedian real or Tomo and met

EXO Sehun 'Japan fans meet and come~'

Straight kids, the first English language album Group visual Public..great charisma 'Overwhelmed'

EXO Chen marriage in the fandom Exiting requirements the controversy..Japan within a group?

Kang Daniel and the global sports brand 'Puma'(PUMA)with BET Hip Hop Award for Best Helps, Duo or Gr is more product than.

Group EXO member Chen(real name Kim Jong-zone)of marriage, 2 years old news at the same time from overseas fans abuzz.

Korean group 'EXO' member Chen(28 and Jong-Dae Kim)of the marriage and his prospective bride premarital pregnancy, the fact that it was in Japan, China, the city is abuzz.

Kimura Takuya daughters code Uki, EXO released their Christmas and the pictorial public 'Alluring beauty much'

Group Red Velvet Seulgi with Joy and heart-warming two-shot reveal for topics and music.

Ago also starring Jung Woo-sung Zhu Ran movie 'Straw even look like beasts'this 2 12 opening, clinch said.

The film 'Straw even look like beasts'(Director Kim Yong-Hoon)this 2 12 opening, clinch said.

Park Bo-gum, pan for Doctor Who songs, 日 Oricon Chart # 1

EXO, Japan performances in no one!

EXO - Chen, with visual

EXO - Guardian, winter men's nice

EXO - Guardian,Sehun is the perfect visual

Group BTS(RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, every morning)this Japan Osaka University Love Without Love (Live at Summer Vacation/08 to successfully finish.

BLACKPINK, Tokyo Broadcasting System Holdings dome and enter as soon as all seats sold out "Ticket Power proven"