Aizu One Yabuki NAKO, released new song + Han debut ten working fairy

Lucky Twice JiHyo 'A spectacular visual to see airport staff'

Lucky Twice Jung Yeon X Ji Hyo, Sim Wong Bing Bing

Lucky Twice, the day Oricon chart sweep .. Weekly and daily album chart # 1

Black Pink Jenny 'Tidy autumn airport fashion'

Bulletproof side, day AKB48 producer Collaboration canceled .. fan club demand acceptance (synthesis)

Cancel collaboration X'the right wing 'Yasushi Akimoto, controversial controversy

Bang Si-Hyuk's fatal jumper, now bulletproof fandom is not as good

"Right-wing controversy loses co-operation" .. Big hit move Ami,

Lucky Twice, the fourth day Oricon album chart normal .. Prove popular popularity

'Right controversial song' Dark & ​​amp; Wild agency "I'm sorry for the inconvenience."

Yasushi Akimoto's decision to stop collaborating

Big hit, bulletproof X Yasushi Akimoto Collaboration cancellation decision "Change track list" (official entry)