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'Model type' Jang Seung-jo - Oh Jung-se, cold wind briskly from cousin for you

'Model type' Son Hyun-joo Se Hyuk X Jang Seung-jo X Eliya Norman Foster-the-cut public

'Model type' Son Hyun-joo and Jang Seung-jo main Norman Foster public

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'Example The Detective' Son Hyun-joo Se Hyuk X Jang Seung-jo first stills revealed, a partner comes

Jang Seung-jo, snack car front flower smile wide 'Women's low price a handsome'

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'Chocolate' side, "Jang Seung-jo appeared, Ha JI-won X Yoon Kye-Sang romance in the crucial changes"

'Chocolate' Jang Seung-jo's shining Acting passion, the steel was unveiled.

Singer and an actor Lina husband's surprise gift was impressed.

Actor Jang Seung-jo with JTBC's new Morning drama, 'Chocolate' last shooting scene was revealed.

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Jang Seung-jo 'Hall is main!'

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