Tu, J. Y., Park City Surprise vinyl outfits on the gaze concentration 'Regal pose'

'Idol room' Wanna One Kang, Daniel, J. Y. Park choreography plagiarism include rebuttal

'Idol room' re-nature ' Kang Daniel "Signature pose, J. Y. Park choreography and different"

'Idol room' Wanna One, 7 months old only Re-course..Kang Daniel 'Posing plagiarism include' clarification

'Idol room' Wanna One 7 months financial loan prices..Kang Daniel, posing plagiarism include clarification

MAMAMOO gorgeous unique fashion to the front of the photo with the Snowy Road attracts.

J. Y. Park, Twice the first place to be thrilled "great to say"

Jung Ryeo-won, Perfect Fall Fashion

Son Dam-bi, 'Bloody spikes'

Son Dam-bi, 'Bloody spikes'

"Unrealistic boy beauty" .. Cha Eun-woo, admirable facial genius