Izone Hitomi Honda, Miyazaki and Okinawa Mana Sakura, Kim Chaewon this together for a special pictorial that was unveiled.

Izone example, or reality Pokemon such Beautiful looks and cuteness..'Pokemon for or'

Izone Chae Yeon, so pretty one?..Update the visuals(ft.I record)

Jang Won-young "Izone each charm being bored will never be"

The best in the world and Joe Yuri, Twins with the same visual "Joe world? The best glass?"

Izone Kang Hye-won, Beautiful looks where is the end? 'Hidden aside ACE visual'

Izone NACO, Waiting room birthday party disclosures "More awesome I never will be"

Izone Choi, Blond The Metamorphosis after so pretty Was My 'Fairy line'

Group Izone to offer members a unique, Beautiful looks for the show said.

Group Izone I never have 'Fantasy shoes' comeback show after a cute Self to the public.

Group Izone Jang Won-young, this one looks was proud of.

Group Izone member Jang Won-young the fans for the heart exposed.

Izone Hitomi Honda, RED outfits with the alluring Beautiful looks divergence "Contrary to you"

Izone example, or shiny blond as 'Cute' Beautiful looks..'For a business to expect to'

Izone silver, pink jacket is also Perfect match digestive..'Human pink blusher'