'debut D - 2' Red Velvet - Irene&Seulgi title song 'Monster' MV teaser revealed

One place we - Lee Sung-kyung - Irene, 830 million yuan, up Dress "Where there?"

Red Velvet Irene, cute+cute+pure the be..this, in the visual circle-stop

Red Velvet Irene this shiny visuals and was.

Red Velvet Seulgi, gorgeous Lighting, this wrap is Beautiful looks..'1 3 can chain'

Seulgi, natural House front fashion..this is 'Decorated in change'

Red Velvet Irene, a pure beauty full of Self..'Face annihilation shortly'

Red Velvet Irene, loveliness and said, 'As far As power UP'

Red Velvet Irene, in the dark, shining goddess of beauty..advanced beauty UP

Red Velvet Irene, each also ignore that beauty your Beautiful looks..'Pretty'

Red Velvet Irene X Seulgi, Spring sunshine and Shine for Beautiful looks

'Day back' Park Min-young♥Seo Kang-joon, still play your sweet eyes, perfect capture

'Gorgeous in itself be'..Irene, Spring know the and Beautiful looks

Red Velvet Irene, dazzling Miso in the 'Heart-fluttering'

Irene, South other visual public..attractive iron steel

Flowers more beautiful than Irene..Beautiful looks the 'Pure+lovely'

Red Velvet Irene, for their work in shining a pure Clijsters 'Heart-fluttering'

Han Ji-min - Red Velvet Irene, same clothes different feeling

Model Irene, a fashion icon with a new concept of digestion