TWICE JIHYO "Once, 'Inkigayo' 1 for Thank You You."

Group EXO(EXO) to be lovers 'Love, let'1 for honors did.

Samsung Group EXO protection is a solo song with 'Inkigayo' # 1 the squirrel was.

Group EXO to be number 1 for trophies or bosom did.

Group MC the Max, the EXO Guardian, BTS the 1st place trophy to compete for.

EXO protection, shiny, Beautiful looks on 'Inkigayo' Celebratory photo Public "Self-throw, let"

'Inkigayo' ITZY 1st place with 8 golds with the activity ending..EXO Guardian and Hong Jin-young comeback

'Inkigayo' EXO protection, Luxury Voice+ - wrenching emotion, 'Love, let'

'Inkigayo' Not, 'Wannabe' 1..EXO Guardian Gary McKinnon and Hong Jin-young comeback stage

'Inkigayo' ITZY, 8 golds 'Wannabe' activity finishing..EXO Guardian Gary McKinnon 'Hot debut'

EXO Guardian "First Gary McKinnon album concept→action engage, the lyrics Match Point"

'Inkigayo→Running Man→All The Butlers'..Ong Seong-wu, the weekend for the receipt of the Lily Fever up boundary

'Inkigayo→Running Man→All The Butlers' 日 receipt of Ong Seong-wu, the only available scanner

Song JI Hyo 10 years ago 'Inkigayo' progress you make mistakes and embarrassing laugh that was unveiled.