Im Soo-hyang 'Shiny visuals wearing jeans only sneakers' (airport fashion)

TVXQ Yunho - Changmin 'Pole and pole airport fashion'

'Trench coat + sneakers, perfect airport fashion'

Lee Yeon-hee 'Shine even when wearing sneakers' (Airport fashion)

Kim Tae-ri 'Eugene Cho is not going to New York City to meet' (Airport fashion)

Yang Se-jong 'When the early warm fashion' (Airport fashion)

Black Pink Index - Rosé 'Pole fashion pole'

Yoo In-na 'Fashion of fall fashion' (Airport fashion)

Kim Tae-ri 'Like a piece in a drama!'

Kim Tae-ri 'Visually fix visuals around' (Airport fashion)

Kim Tae-ri 'How about a straight one?' (Airport fashion)

Song Ji-hyo 'Airport fashion'

Lee Joo-yeon 'Rain and wind are huge.'

Song Ji-hyo 'A sunny smile like a child'

Song Ji-hyo 'Beauty that calls for close-ups'

Song Ji-hyo 'I'll be fine ~'

Yoo Jae Suk - Ji Suk-jin 'Even if I look at my eyes,

Song Ji-hyo 'Visual Visual from early morning'

Ji Suk-jin 'Today is like an idol ~'

Yoo Jae Suk - Ji Suk-jin 'A fantasy combination'