Girls ' Generation Taeyeon, shining fairies, Beautiful looks

Weekend performance, 1 for Exit-2 for Lion

Jo Jung-suk 'Exit', Park Seo-joon 'Lion' and 1 for departure

This week the opening to the movie, The reason for the recommendation and non-recommendation reasons to the public.

'Exit' Jo Jung-suk X Im Yoon-ah,adoring and start promoting..21 'Running Man' Scramble

'Exit' Jo Jung-suk, 'Celebrity weight Live first Dashi'+'Running Man' appearances Confirm

'Exit' Jo Jung-suk and Im Yoon-ah, 19 'Celebrity Weight Watch'and 21 'Running Man' starring

'Exit' Jo Jung-suk X Im Yoon-ah, 'Celebrity Weight Watch' 'Running Man' appearances Confirm "Pang Pang POPs"

'Exit' Jo Jung-suk x Im Yoon-ah, 'Celebrity Weight Watch'→'Running Man' to promote Sweet of active

"Whatever the"..'Exit' Jo Jung-suk X Yoona 'Celebrity Weight Watch' Live→'Running Man' will scramble

"Mature fun+dream already have"..Taeyeon, blonde+red 'Gaze robbed'

Girls ' Generation Taeyeon, dark Smokey intense charm

Jo Jung-suk "Im Yoon-ah, and smoke - a human with a decent Actor"

Taeyeon the bangs and then even more difficult with the appearance showed.

Singer actor Im Yoon-ah with the movie 'Exit'from now until the new measure.

Girls Generation Im Yoon-ah can have the for the.

The film 'Exit'(Director Lee, Sang-Keun, produced foreign oil within the cavity)through actor Im Yoon-ah with a new acting challenge.

Im Yoon-ah with the movie 'Exit'(Director this time)in the The Metamorphosis to The than.

Group Girls Generation member and actress Im Yoon-ah with the movie 'Exit'in the new measure.

Group Girls ' Generation is a popular performer Im Yoon-ah with the movie 'Exit'in the transformed floor.