"In a long power" Im Soo-jung→Ha Jung-woo, Korea representative visual Actors

Fashion magazine Singles business, created time 15th anniversary cover for the Actor Im Soo-jung fall of sensibility in a compelling visual information to the public.

Actress Im Soo-jung this overwhelming eyes and the visuals more than anything.

Lee Da-hee, Im Soo-jung and voila.. Large dogs Clijsters patience "Ride and chill"

"Exclusion means not lost"..Im Soo-jung, 'Search the world' Party with staff help flowers terminal

Im Soo-jung, this 'Search the world' exclusion in Goodbye to spent.

Actor Jang Ki-yong this Im Soo-jung and the heart-warming two-shot was introduced.

"Of my life in the mood"..Lee Da-hee, 'Search the world' team affection towards

Yoo Yeon-seok is the 'Search the world' to shoot in Iced coffee and spent.

Drama actress 6 November in brand reputation, Im Soo-jung 1..Jung Hae In - Han Ji-min, respectively 2,3 for

Actor Lee Dong-Wook is 'Enter search terms WWW the'special nature' was.

"40 years old?" .. Im Soo-jung,

Im Soo-jung 'Cherry blossom viewing Top fashion' (your request)

Im Soo-jung 'Many audiences appeared cheering' (your request)

'Your request' Lim Soo Jung, beautiful beauty in black and white

Lim Soo Jung, elegance revealed in black and white photograph

Lim Sujeong "Find a gap"

Lim Sujeong "Beauty while not changing"

Lim Sujeong "Overwrite shirt" (Your request)

"Scarf on the waist" .. Lim Soo Jung, point fashion