NU'EST Hwang Min-hyun this 8 Afternoon, Ilsandong-gu MBC Dream Center open in MBC Music 'Show Champion' stage in this brilliant performance.

NU'EST,'Happiness for this moment'

NU'EST,'delicate stage'

Sana 'Show Champion # 1 in the back is smiling'

TXT the Fed, cute smile

Fall into the train, the sweet chords

Hashtag, fluorescent white girl their feast

Hashtag 'Within a Reviews full'

Donkey business,'The Eric Idle'

Izone inner world with a 'Kindly hand'

Momoland research - Nancy 'Beautiful looks alive Calyx'

Izone inside the share, 'Cute dimple smile~'

Izone Jang Won-young, 'Attractiveness make a smile~'

Izone Hitomi Honda, 'Eyes inseparable beauty~'

Izone Miya and Sakura, 'Admiration call for joy~'

Izone Miya and Sakura, 'Compelling, cute, Beautiful looks~'

Izone Yabuki me, 'Cute smile~'

JBJ95 above average, 'Cute smile~'

Momoland,'Interesting as I'm'

Izone Jang Won-young,'Too happy.'