YG, Sean Happy birthday image 'Hip-hop sweater'

Dark & ​​amp; Wild, Ice bucketchallenge Donation Participation "Glad heart"

'Conviction' Jung Woo-sung made this little voice because "I am sorry that I am responsible for the old generation."

Gim Gu-ra, Ice bucket challenge "My father died"

Park Bo-gum, Ice bucket → More special birthday with fan donation .. Sean "Great actors and fans"

Sean "Park Bo-gum Donation, Ice bucket Challenge Join You"

Noh Sa-yeon, join the ice bucket .. Kim Tae-won, Gim Gu-ra and Ji Sang-ryeol

Stars go first .. Good influence 'to the entertainment industry

Stars go first .. Good influence 'to the entertainment industry

"16 and Pregnant Next" .. Jang Yun-jeong, Ice bucketchallenge

Kang Daniel, join the Ice bucket challenge "If it's hard ..."

Jo Dong-hyuk, Joining Ice bucket challenge .. Hwang Seok-jeong, Sung Ki-yoon and Ae Pink Kim Nam-joo

'Ice bucket challenge' Choi Hyun-seok "Changmin and Don Spike"

(Women) children small - Hwang In Sun, Ice bucket challenge

Wanna One, New East W and Mama Mu, Ice bucketchallenge 12 days interest ing ing

Hwang Chi-yeul, join the ice bucketchallenge ..

Jang Keun-suk, join the ice bucket challenge .. Song Jae Suk and Cha-yeop 'Landmark'

"Good influence" .. Ice bucketchallenge, Idol (ft.Wanna One)