'Termination of the contract' Hyuna - E'Dawn 'is the first official overseas expressions, how was that?'

Hyuna - E'Dawn,'Cube contract year after the first accompanied by official comments'

Hyuna♥effects, lips touches the contact say contact..I love

Singer Hyuna with various postures of Self-Beautiful looks for divergence.

Hyuna, the sexy but? Cuteness.

Hyuna 'Makeup in Shining Romance red'

Hyuna 'Mediocre seems a safe one, as for Airport fashion'

Hyuna 'Long flight time.'

Hyuna 'Any fashion digest Hyuna'

Hyuna 'Distinctive entry to win'

Hyuna, ecstatic hand kiss

Hyuna 'Intense red'

Hyuna, 'The instant of eye contact!'

Hyuna 'Fascinating red'

Hyuna 'Summer already~'

Hyuna, adorable wink bread!

Hyuna 'Too fashionista'