Fashion magazine business card for musicians Hyolyn of cat for affection is Pictorial to the public.

Soo 'Hannam-dong in the sky, Pocahontas'

Hyolyn 'During the day the summer sunshine.'

Hyolyn 'Airport fashion is comfortable best.'

Hyolyn slippery, Snowy Road, the cautious train

Hyolyn, trench in the hot spring air

Hyolyn 'Mouth and Call be'

Hyolyn, roundish eyes expect a full departure enjoy

Hyolyn 'The cautious train'

Hyolyn, goodbye, Happy Jump - Endless Arcade hearts

Hyolyn, for navel personnel

Hyolyn 'Always good to see a charming smile'

Hyolyn, World Tour leaving.

Group Sistar released their own and Purple with Hyolyn Concert I attended.

Hyolyn, game speed still the same styling

Hyolyn,'Healthy over suntanned skin'

Hyolyn, 'Unique padded fashion'

Hyolyn 'A cool smile'

Hyolyn 'Reminiscent of sweatpants'