Jo Jung-suk "Im Yoon-ah, and smoke - a human with a decent Actor"

Han Ji-min arm tone charms 'Exclusive visuals'

Han Ji-min, time off..gaze robbed chic beauty

'Exclusive visuals' Han Ji-min, Hycutt photoshoot in arms tone charms show

Han Ji-min, sensual eyewear look.. "Lovely charm"

Park Seo-joon, magazine Hycutt' sign ornament..desirable boyfriend look

"Lustrous Golden aura"..Jenny, every moment of this scene

Jang Ki-yong "'I want to be an actor."

Han Ji-min "" My wife's clothes, "(pictorial)

Han Ji-min "" My wife's clothes, "(pictorial)

Woo Do-hwan "It's not a tsundere."