'Pairs gloves sports car' Hwang Jung-eum of imposing Special Norman Foster with the public.

Hwang Jung-eum, that heart-fluttering flower that smiles 'As the beauty is overflowing'

Actor Hwang Jung-eum, this column near the situation I was.

"Beautiful looks is still a"..Hwang Jung-eum, cute dimples→deadly red

Hwang Jung-eum, elegant beauty One Goddess appeared..'Really is something they'

"This year is my year"..Hwang Jung-eum, comeback ahead of New Year greetings

"The beauty of the stones"..Hwang Jung-eum, this time the classic Beauty much

Actor Hwang Jung-eum in this drama shooting scene photos taken in public.

Hwang Jung-eum, this Kim Yong-gun and two-shot was introduced.

"Merry Christmas"..Hwang Jung-eum, water and other Beautiful looks

"Still refreshing"..Hwang Jung-eum, Sorn Beautiful looks

'Lucky Romance' Hwang Jung-eum X Ryu Jun-yeol, "Fighting heat"

Hwang Jung-eum, Bobbed hair ('Hunnam Chung' Party with staff)

Common content + Obscene postponement = Unusual spoils

Hwang Jung-eum 'Doll-like Chocolate buns hair' ('Hunnam Chung' Party with staff)

Hwang Jung-eum 'running shoes + Blue jeans + More Fashion' (Hunnam Chung Party with staff)

Hwang Jung-eum 'If it is so pretty,' (Hunnam Chung Party with staff)

'A pretty girl next to a pretty girl' .. Hwang Jung-eum X Oh Yoon-ah,

"Макс" .. Hwang Jung-eum X Oh Yoon-ah, 'Full of affection' Two-shot

Hwang Jung-eum, Luxury Body climbing is mountain climbing? Perfect self-management even when resting