Kim C "Human rights mention Jung Woo-sung in Bad app? Him directly this person is but will not"

Authenticity as one billion for the people of the tantrum and blow the whole 'Unlike the investigators'this is the last story, but you are leaving.

The 12th labor within and Peace Prize awards ceremony 18, at 5 p.m., Chungbuk labor within and Peace Park Auditorium in the open.

Jung Woo-sung "After refugee remarks SNS Frenzy ..Fake news worry"

WP "Bae Suzy Nobel Peace Prize reveals wrong decision"

Kim Joo-ri X Kenta "Children are laughing and dreaming society."

Jung Woo-sung, Why Refugee does not stop talking about evil

Jung Woo-sung, the last refugee remarks .. the true heart in it

Jung Woo-sung "Refugee contrary to the full understanding .. Read twice"

Jung Woo-sung "Refugee-related elementary abuse in the personal SNS ... read twice"

Jung Woo-sung 'Refugee hate'

Jung Woo-sung "I understand the refugee antipathy but I think about human rights"

Jung Woo-sung Yemen refugees, "Refugee should be allowed to export .."

Jung Woo-sung "I will defeat the other people and love the world to the child."

Jung Woo-sung "Yemen Refugee should be allowed to leave .. If you need to make a voice"

Actor Jung Woo-sung "Yemen Refugee issue, voice if necessary"

Actor Jung Woo-sung "Yemen Refugee issue, voice if necessary"