Ji Jin-hee,'That awkward don't'

Cha Seung-won 'Tension are'

Cha Seung-won 'Charismatic I'

Cha Seung-won 'A soft smile'

Boom,'Park Myeong-su brother with'

So Yoo-jin,'Fresh smile'

So Yoo-jin,'Shy footsteps'

United Kingdom licensing fashion&culture magazine 'Business card' code from actress Oh Yeon-seo's photoshoot and video shoot.

Singer Minseo 1 Days afternoon outside Stanford Hotel opened in tvN D I also fine 2'(directing Kim Ki-Yoon, and Jae Hong) making presentations attending for photo time.

Only wisdom 'Adorable fairy Beautiful looks'

'Boy friend' Jang Seung-jo, fairy, Hotel representatives were..Song Hye-kyo planting with

IU, tvN 'Hotel Del one day' hero "This summer broadcast"

Park Eun-ji, want to follow the short cut hair

Baek Jin-hee 'Hint'

Park Eun-ji, 'Single bottle call Beautiful looks'

Chae Shi-ra 'Three months out of the time looks'

Kim So-young, 'Graceful footsteps'

Chae Shi-ra, 'Still Beautiful looks'

Chae Shi-ra, 'Elegant entry'

Chae Shi-ra 'The expression on the post filled'