Singer Sandara Park, this Hong Kong Streetside photoshoot-like visuals showed off.

VIXX Ravi 'Early in the morning get visual'

VIXX Ravi 'Hong Kong well will be back soon.~'

Actress Park Ha-sun, This Hong Kong Travel photos to public.

Girls' Generation Taeyeon, 'hair very long' (airport fashion)

Pure charm to Taeyeon

Taeyeon 'Airport gaze sweeping for human'

Girls' Generation Taeyeon, 'check changed mood' (airport fashion)

Taeyeon 'Appeared from the gaze concentration'

Girls' Generation Taeyeon, 'revel with your appearance' (airport fashion)

Girls' Generation Taeyeon, 'from day to day depends the mood' (airport fashion)

Taeyeon 'Many fans are surprised by the rabbit eye'

Girls ' Generation Taeyeon 'Hairstyle?'

Within a group TWICE the power of Japan and the world is also occupied.

TWICE 'Yes or Yes', 7 Music Charts # 1 Dinner ticket

"Nevertheless, TWICE"..'YES or YES', 8 days, 7 Charts, 1 for

TWICE, 8 days 7 Chart 1 for sweeping 'The stop is within a group'

Within a group TWICE the 'YES or YES'to a week second soundtrack chart swept.

TWICE, 4 days tops..lovely attraction or through said

TWICE, 6 charts, 1 for a..10 consecutive hit success