Izone Hitomi Honda, Miyazaki and Okinawa Mana Sakura, Kim Chaewon this together for a special pictorial that was unveiled.

Izone Hitomi Honda, RED outfits with the alluring Beautiful looks divergence "Contrary to you"

Izone silver, pink jacket is also Perfect match digestive..'Human pink blusher'

Izone Hitomi Honda is chic the.

Izone Hitomi Honda , fascinating visual revealed 'Intense eyes'

Within a group Izone by Hitomi Honda is the Spring atmosphere full of everyday photos in public.

Group Izone member Hitomi Honda is a chic charm to show him.

Group Izone leader Hitomi Honda is pure visual were proud.

Izone Hitomi Honda, for garden design for beauty your visual 'Cover is also truth'

Group Izone(IZ*ONE)is the first album official photo to reveal the full-fledged comeback preheated in fired.

Group Izone leader Hitomi Honda the man fans love to boast said.

Hitomi Honda is Diet after pronounced visage to was proud.

Group Izone leader Hitomi Honda water right, Beautiful looks, and was proud.

Group Izone(IZ*ONE) Hitomi Honda, Choi The Daily released a photo.

Hitomi Honda (Izone) 'The first Streetside help noticeable pure terminal'

Hitomi Honda (Izone) 'fine dust nor jealousy for gorgeous~'

Hitomi Honda (Izone) 'The Mask is a while Hi~ID verification OK'

Hitomi Honda (Izone) 'And to also reveal that Aura'

Izone Hitomi Honda, surprised the leader of God

Within a group Izone this overseas schedule 5 6 am Seoul Gangseo Gimpo International Airport via the Tokyo, Japan, as a departure.