Singer Henry Lau with debut 12 years after the source revealed.

Henry Lau, a charismatic everyday..boy full

Henry Lau, Model cheeks that the proportion of 'Airport fashion'

Yoon Do Hyun, so any mold I've seen? Henry Lau birthday Board, The Gift

Henry Lau, 'The fashionable outing'

Henry Lau, my great drunk~

Henry Lau, narcissism

Rainbow members gathered.

Drama and movie than the goals that song, is it? If so 'Frozen (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)'on please find.

Henry Lau, 'A new building for the command' Cha Eun-woo♥Shin Se-kyung OST the first runner..Tingle Explosion

"Pictorial tore."..Henry Lau, Frankfurt Airport's runway

"The smile is sweet to"..Henry Lau, piece of Departure

Henry Lau 'Fashion today?'

Henry Lau 'Pictorial feature appeared'

Henry Lau 'Dazzling Hand greeting'

Henry Lau, the little Prince feel like a

Lee Seo-jin, an English gentleman with the same feeling

Henry Lau 'Photo from Naughty~'

Henry Lau, 'The Walking itself is a pictorial'

Henry Lau, 'The perfect side'