"Pictorial tore."..Henry Lau, Frankfurt Airport's runway

"The smile is sweet to"..Henry Lau, piece of Departure

Henry Lau 'Fashion today?'

Henry Lau 'Pictorial feature appeared'

Henry Lau 'Dazzling Hand greeting'

Henry Lau, the little Prince feel like a

Lee Seo-jin, an English gentleman with the same feeling

Henry Lau 'Photo from Naughty~'

Henry Lau, 'The Walking itself is a pictorial'

Henry Lau, 'The perfect side'

Henry Lau, 'Today it is chic'

Henry Lau, 'The movie, like a scene appeared'

Henry Lau, 'Today, a little cool is that?'

Henry Lau, 'Parking to the runway.'

Henry Lau 'An intellectual atmosphere'

"After a long time with my father" Henry Lau,

'I live alone' Henry Lau's Jung Woo-sung catch up .. 'Manly Men' pictorial challenge (synthesis)

Henry Lau 'Incheon National University' (airport fashion)

Henry Lau, 'Today is not 3 Earl but a nice man'