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The current analysis on the end CIX(Mr. I-x) five members of the personal concept of The Image with all the veil was taken off.

Group Mr. children-X members for our personal concept of The Image before the public.

Rookie 5-member group, CIX(Mr. I-x) Bae Jin Young's personal concept of The Image was unveiled.

Pharrell Serena Williams 'Hello Lok~'

Oh Sang Jin announcer 'Spare dad the neat Sorn footfall'

Mauricio Jung-soo 'Sorn Bling Bling charm iron steel'

Golden Child Y,?~

Cheetah, away from the Sight robbed~

Golden Child Y-people, purification boyfriend~

Son Dam-bi 'Hello~'

Chapter new (Fromis 9) 'I smile'

Kim Min-Ji 'Work from stand by.'

Kim Min-Ji 'Gags stage out in this look'

Kim Min-Ji 'Dog Icon new also believe while Beautiful looks'

Kim Min-Ji 'Sorn,humiliation no visual'

Lee Sae Rom (Fromis 9) 'Sunlight is also jealous for refreshing'

Chapter new (Fromis 9) 'I smile'

Lee Sae Rom (Fromis 9) 'Confident Sorn smile'

Chapter new (Fromis 9) 'This full Sorn steps'