Cosmic Girls Dayoung, Luxury ABS and "Hello a D for now."

Actor add who Express 'Thanks to the challenge participated in.

Shin Seung Hun, the 30th anniversary of the album track list revealed..8 songs

Jessica Jung, invariably that New York one left to face

EXO 'OBSESSION', to warm retail store Album Charts # 1

EXO 'OBSESSION', Gaon weekly albums # 1

EXO 'Options and more options', bring the 51 car retail store Album Charts # 1

EXO 'OBSESSION', for 2 consecutive weeks in Gaon Album 1, for the Samsung Group EXO regular 6 house 'OBSESSION', this ' Gaon Chart weekly retail Album Chart 2 weeks in a row 1 ranked.

Boy group CIX with fashion through unique the.

CIX, a uniform version concept photo revealed..School Life male protagonist visual

Group CIX the debut album extension of the new album as a comeback.

Chloe Moretz 'Hello eBay'

Lee Seung-gi, cool Miso with "Hello Singapore"

Singer Shin Seung Hun, this world Venues Australia Sydney Opera House to the castle was.

Actor Juan Gabriel Luna with 21 am Seoul you pay at the Four Seasons Hotel opened in The movie 'The Terminator: The Dark is sulfate in' my other conference attended.

Choi Siwon', 'Hello'

Not a chat command, the fans towards the ♥ "Believe in the proud singer to be"

The current analysis on the end CIX(Mr. I-x) five members of the personal concept of The Image with all the veil was taken off.

Group Mr. children-X members for our personal concept of The Image before the public.

Rookie 5-member group, CIX(Mr. I-x) Bae Jin Young's personal concept of The Image was unveiled.