Kim Dae-mi 'Non-replaceable visual called Close-Up' (witch)

Kim Dae-mi 'Attractiveness'

Jo Min-soo 'Elegant summer fashion'

'Throughout the year', Jang Dong-gun, Korea's No. 1, and Park Bo-gum, No. 2, Gang Dong-Won.

'witch' Kim Dae-mi "I'll work hard like Kim Go-eun and Kim Tae-ri."

Kim Dae-mi 'A clean eye' (witch)

Jo Min-soo, fashion witch finished in one shirt

Kim Dae-mi 'Male audience smile' (witch)

Jo Min-soo 'Unique nail art boast ~ ~' (witch)

Jo Min-soo 'Appearance that makes stage greeting as pictorial' (witch)

"Expeditionary man" .. Jang Dong-gun X Lee Jong-suk, reunited 'V.I.P.'

Jo Min-soo 'Have you enjoyed witch?'

Jo Min-soo "'witch'Come back, in four years,"

Jo Min-soo 'Yellow garb'

Jo Min-soo 'Fashion' (witch)

'Supporting actor' Hee-soon Park '' 1987 'North Korea appeared for victims'