'Running Man' Jeon So-min Experiences 100% the song, 'A listening ear' good Yoo Jae Suk Heat and

TWICE JIHYO, the title song 'Feel Special' Teaser revealed..alluring presence

TWICE Sana right? Teaser rate Yushui in the cold dreary atmosphere

TWICE JEONGYEON, comeback Teaser revealed..'Captivating eyes+shiny visuals'

The Boyz comeback, 19, 'D. D. D' soundtrack-MV public→Special Live

Kang Daniel's solo debut Go was imminent.

'Running Man'from the singer to his song on stage to the public.

Within a group TWICE with the new song 'YES or YES'on Korea - Japan bilateral weekly Media Forest, occupied, 'Global popularity within a group'of the newly exposed and '10 consecutive Heat' term in the stone.

Hip hop Duo Mighty Mouse the new song as a comeback.

The group TWICE 'Inkigayo'in new song 'YES or YES'to 4 months on a high-speed comeback.

J. Y. Park, Twice the first place to be thrilled "great to say"

Twice ' Yes or yes ', the first six charts on the comeback at the same time ' 10 Successful Kite Entertainment '

"10 Continuous Heat Marches"... Twice ' Yes or Yes ', # 1 in 6 charts

' The answer is that the paddle ' Lucky twice's 10-year heat is ' Yes or yes '