Kang Daniel's solo debut Go was imminent.

'Running Man'from the singer to his song on stage to the public.

Within a group TWICE with the new song 'YES or YES'on Korea - Japan bilateral weekly Media Forest, occupied, 'Global popularity within a group'of the newly exposed and '10 consecutive Heat' term in the stone.

Hip hop Duo Mighty Mouse the new song as a comeback.

The group TWICE 'Inkigayo'in new song 'YES or YES'to 4 months on a high-speed comeback.

J. Y. Park, Twice the first place to be thrilled "great to say"

Twice ' Yes or yes ', the first six charts on the comeback at the same time ' 10 Successful Kite Entertainment '

"10 Continuous Heat Marches"... Twice ' Yes or Yes ', # 1 in 6 charts

' The answer is that the paddle ' Lucky twice's 10-year heat is ' Yes or yes '