Song Hye-kyo, after the knife lost. to. divorce→Princess disease controversy→false diffusion 'River response' (comprehensive)

Song Hye-kyo sued, divorce-related rumors in the knife out to them, 'the Hard-working correspondence'(comprehensive)

Song Joong-ki→Song Hye-kyo, "Line and the sum of NO, river response"..alongside the knife out was

Song Hye-kyo, Song Joong-ki divorce rumors in pain➝"Line like NO" Akpler Hard-working correspondence➝cheer ing

Song Hye-kyo, malicious rumors diffuser they sue.."The parties in Copenhagen unbearable pain"

"Unbearable pain, diffuser sue"..Song Joong-ki This Song Hye-kyo to malicious rumors in a Hard-working correspondence

Song Hye-kyo "Line without a Hard-working correspondence" malicious comments and rumors diffuser number and address

Song Hye-kyo, divorce-related rumors diffuser they sue "Consensus without strong response"

Song Hye-kyo side "Song Joong-ki divorce-related rumors diffuser sue..line without Hard-working correspondence" (professional)

Song Hye-kyo side "Today(25 days) Akpler sue, chosen as a consensus without a strong response"(Official position and expert)