Kim Seung-Hye, "What I have this dream every night Jung Hae In and two-shot..than I am glad, 'acknowledged'"

Seol In-ah, 'Running Man' this time 'The Battle 4' Yes and..'Bonbangsasu to'

Han Suk-Joon seniors with Walking information..... the announcer (Happy Together 4 Sorn)

Old business - Han Suk-Joon, the time is coming that 'The announcer' job is to not cheat !(Happy Together 4 Sorn)

Jo Yoon-hee 'Lovely halfmoon eye out then'

Lee Si-young 'Winter Cold melt that lovely smile'

Jo Yoon-hee 'The new in God of Sorn'

Jo Yoon-hee 'Sorn degree burn look like'

Jo Yoon-hee, an elegant tangled hair pull~ (Happy Together 4)

Oh Ji-ho 'Attractive dimple smile'

Oh Ji-ho 'The recording to go.'

Jo Yoon-hee, Sorn this photoshoot

Jo Se-ho, the cuteness filled Sorn

Jo Yoon-hee, Sun than the dazzling sea battle new in all this

Yoo Jae Suk 'child fans of the blitz on their shiny'

Lee Si-young 'This way the Mask?'

Jo Yoon-hee 'Simple fashion Shining Romance Beautiful looks'

Jo Yoon-hee 'Sunshine-like smile'

Kim Hyung silence 'Ball juggling and attendance'

Pan towards the Hand greeting to Yoo Jae-Suk (Happy Together 4)