Actor Lee, Min-Jung Vale fire information to the public.

Lee Sang-yoon 'Smiling seemed to say,'

Henry Lau 'Photo from Naughty~'

Lee Sang-yoon, 'Far from heart-warming visuals'

Lee Sang-yoon, 'Model cheeks that walking'

Henry Lau, 'The Walking itself is a pictorial'

Henry Lau, 'The perfect side'

Kim, 'Model possible fashion'

Henry Lau, 'Today it is chic'

Lee Sang-yoon, 'From head to toe-warming'

Henry, 'Wacky expressions'

Henry Lau, 'The movie, like a scene appeared'

Henry Lau, 'Today, a little cool is that?'

Lee Sang-yoon, 'A warm smile'

Henry Lau, 'Parking to the runway.'

Lee Seo-jin, 'Away from the shiny visuals'