Group KARA-born actor Han Seung-yeon, this pet magazine 'Life b & b your(Life And Dogue)' summer cover was decorated.

Han Seung-yeon this pure in the right way.

"Travel fairy series"..Han Seung-yeon and Kim So-hye, the same cheek as the image

Han Seung-yeon, 日 2 second solo Teaser public 'So Mature, Beautiful looks'

Han Seung-yeon 'Upstage like a cat'

Han Seung-yeon 'Still Beautiful looks'

Han Seung-yeon 'From morning the flowers smile exudes'

Han Seung-yeon 'A small face tight in the cold for joy'

Han Seung-yeon, 'For full of joy'

Han Seung-yeon 'Pure fun-filled Departure'

Han Seung-yeon returns to actor, deadly eye contact

Han Seung-yeon, 'A cold-looking foot'

Han Seung-yeon, are you 31 years old? While I believe I am a university student

Han Seung-yeon, Japan solo Love Without Love (Live at Summer Vacation / 08 form .. CARE 'Korean Wave Goddess' charm

"Clear visual" .. Han Seung-yeon

Han Seung-yeon, 'See through Dress up to the colossal Kill Hill'