'Is not it a doll?' Hye-ri, long neckline exposed 'hot pink' Retro fashion

Is not it a doll? Hyeryu, hot pink stocking is also perfect digestion

Face Genius Taeyeon

"I want to build a career like Yeon-min-jeong, Role-like greed"

Lee Joon-gi, "It looks like a beating on the chin"

Lee Joon-gi, "It looks like a beating on the chin"

"Still goddess beauty" Han Ye-seul, eye-catching eyes like dolls

Kim Sa-rang, perfect hair style

Pyo Ye-jin, public lover Hyun-woo

"This atmosphere, unique" .. Lee Na-young, deep aura

'long hair' Song Hye-kyo and 'Long-haul' Park Bo-gum first breath

Bix leo, 'A unique aura'

'Ryu Jun-yeol ♥' Hyery 'Water right eye'

"Bangs slightly down" .. Sohee, still cute charm

"Parenting Mom Transformation" Han Ji-min,

"Olivia Hussain" .. Hyori, elegant doll good looks

Hyori, Yanggalea 'I have to see'

Lucky Twice Momo X sylvia, fatigue-free vitamins Smile 'Great'

"Flame glance" .. icon Bobby and Jinhwan, personal comeback Teaser released