Guardian 'Actor to Busan IPark Film Festival to attend'

EXO Guardian, 'Busan International Film Festival came'

EXO Guardian, 'Boy smile'

EXO Guardian, 'Busan IPark to scuttle the popular'

Conduction delay, 'Next is Jung Woo-sung and the first Breath' (Busan International Film Festival)

Actor ago also show Jung Woo-sung and Breath to fit and were awkward and confessed.

Conduction delay "Start in the Jung Woo-sung and the first Breath, the first shot sometimes were awkward"

Jung Woo-sung, South Korea representative handsome

"Take my eyes off you can't"..Lee Ha-nui and Jung Woo-sung, visual MC

Jung Woo-sung, 'Today, nice Explosion'

Lee Ha-nui - Jung Woo-sung, humiliation, no looks

Actor Jung Woo-sung, 'Pieces such as Beautiful looks'

Jung Woo-sung's hearts get~

Jung Woo-sung, part of the International Red Carpet in mouth thing(?) You said..

'The 24th Busan IPark International Film Festival(hereinafter 'BIFF', Busan International Film Festival)' The Opening Ceremony Red Carpet events is 3 PM Busan IPark Busan Haeundae District of the movie in the hall was held.

Jung Woo-sung, a handsome and armed with a hand greeting

Cho Jin-woong x Jung Woo-sung, appeared only as a presence instep ※

Jung Woo-sung, can't be obscured are perfection!

Jung Woo-sung, a living piece

Jung Woo-sung 'piece of hand Blue'