Han Ji-min 'Gorgeous outdoor stage greetings with ethnic dress'

"For fans" .. Han Ji-min, actress kneeling down

Han Ji-min 'I came through the typhoon.'

Han Ji-min 'A pretty dim smile'

Kim Nam-gil - Han Ji-min 'Busan International Film Festival Opening Ceremony MC Couple'

Kim Jung-gil - Han Ji-min 'The 23rd Pusan ​​International Film Festival Opening Ceremony MC'

Han Ji-min 'Beauty'

Lee Na-young 'Goddess returned in six years'

Kim sang lang 'Official stone statue after a crash, smashing smile'

'Cool hair'

'It's a red velvet.'

'Unusual black and white contrast dress'

'Unbeatable beauty of debut'

Red Velvet Joy 'All Red with charisma'

Red Velvet Joy 'Unusual All Red Incision Coat'