Singer Ha Sung-woon this even be on Idol on screen to completion.

Singer Ha Sung-woon, this non-drama performer topic 6 consecutive weeks, # 1 on up.

Ha Sung-woon, One is rolling already

Singer Ha Sung-woon's 'Maria Grazia Cucinotta eBay'and of 11 in the screen information was made public.

Ha Sung-woon-screen information to the public.

2019 2 November solo debut steadily since the fans and the masses catch the ears of Ha Sung-woon the AT style 9 for garnish.

Solo returned to Yunho - Baekhyun - Ha Sung-woon showcase styling

'Show Champion' Ha Sung-woon, comeback and at the same time # 1 honor "To get the situation to me"

EXO Baekhyun 'City Lights', 28 Parking heating retail store Album Charts # 1

'Solo Power also powerful' EXO Baekhyun, Gaon Album Chart and # 1 among

Ha Sung-woon and EXO Baekhyun and nature 'Comeback'.. 'Hotel Del one day' 'Seville The Barber of the' start

Coming 7 8 the second Mini album to be released soon Ha Sung-woon, this 26, midnight official SNS via 'BXXX'of the second photo Teaser for the public.

Ha Sung-woon, this 25, midnight official SNS through Mini album 'BXXX'of the first photo Teaser for the public.

Ha Sung-woon,'The Mask go to Shining Romance Beautiful looks'

Ha Sung-woon,'the Frankfurt Airport Services runway'

United States of America Departure Ha Sung-woon 'Charisma eyes'

Ha Sung-woon,'Chic Black Panther'

5 'An expensive Star'asks, 'Are you surrounded by?'