Gugudan washing "Recently 'I'Looking for things to focus on."

'Mina to' Gugudan - TWICE Mina '2 2 color for joy'

Group Gugudan member Mina is a refreshing Self disclosed.

Gugudan washing, Taiwan promo Castle..Taiwan Top star and shoulder side

Gugudan Mina 'This is the death stroke death visage'

Mina, a gorgeous Departure way fashion

Mina, as the charm exudes a Departure the way

"A devilish smile"..'Gugudan' washing, the original application Concert MC Celebratory photo

'Gashina (Live/2017)' Gugudan Mina, lovely expression with a Pan of the Quiet sniper

Gugudan washing 'Taiwan fans met.'

washing, comely Hand greeting

washing, pure terminal and airport fashion

Kim Se-jeong, the All Blacks, on more Beautiful looks

Gugudan Mina, today is for joy

Gugudan I s 'Birthday today.'

Gugudan Mina 'Liz, if you are the record owner'

Gugudan washing, Love Rain, full of pretty smile

Gugudan Mina - washing, chilly with weather in the lapel and

Gugudan washing, unique one of a fashion

Gugudan Mina 'Doll dancing I'(The Show)