EXO Kai, 5 fashion overseas 3 countries cover the same time decoration "Unique influence"

EXO Kai, patterned top on the red Handbags.."Men fashion"

EXO Kai, a gorgeous suit photoshoot..key up the boots 'Snowy Road'

EXO Kai, black and white photo with be intense charisma 'Visual artisan'

"Incomparable charisma" EXO Kai, can also force you to

EXO Kai, this is so pictorial craftsmanship

EXO Kai, a gorgeous number with a unique, fashion Icon

EXO Kai, Korean male first 2 consecutive years before the world, and Gucci's face

EXO Kai, 'Pictorial craftsmanship'of Retro free spring look

EXO Kai 2 consecutive years, the luxury brand Ambassador activity

EXO Kai, Milan, she comes 'Species'this

EXO Kai, 'Joker' Jared Summer and the Gucci collection at a special meeting

EXO Kai, the Gucci collection to attend to the intense eyes

EXO Kai, 'Human Gucci'On The Metamorphosis..runway Model look?

Kai the airport when Gucci make is the reason

EXO Kai, beige to pink soft and luxurious Airport fashion

EXO Kai, "Slightly hoping for an update"..runway Model comparison year

EXO Kai, the exclusive winter Outlook

EXO Kai, 14 birthday celebration, as numb Frankfurt Airport

Italian luxury brand Gucci idol group EXO Kai's story is a short video series 'More performer(for The Performers)' the third season's fifth episode was released.