BOA 'Nice Hand greeting like choreography'

BOA 'Elegant All Black See through'

Park Hee-von 'Self-assertive fashion'

Kim Jong-un 'Unique fashion from bag to shoes'

Kim Ji Young 'Skinny Fit'

Lee Young-jin 'Sense upper arm and cuff Tattoo'

Chae Soo-bin 'A little bit bold fashion'

Chae Soo-bin 'See Through One Piece'

Kim Ji Young 'It's been a while'

Chae Soo-bin 'Long legs walking'

Chae Soo-bin 'Cool cool sleeveless Dress'

Kim Jong-un 'Stand out from the stand.'

Chae Soo-bin 'Deep Fine V neck'

Kim Ji Young 'I greet you for a long time.'