Lee Sun-bin 'Your voices show 6' special guest

Lee Kwang-soo and devotees during Lee Sun-bin' A happy smile'

TZUYU, 'Ratio complete the goddess falls'

The expression, '# 1 Thank you.'

Mina, 'Ponytail elastic'

TZUYU, 'Your black'

City, 'Eyes is deadly to'

Chae Yeon, 'Feel free'

Lee Chae-yeon, 'Believe and dance in charge'

Anju, 'Fatal Beauty'

Izone, 'Pretty boys next to continue pretty boys'

I never, 'Cuteness to the maximum value'

Sana, 'Trophies and Dance Dance'

Sana, 'Trophy to write?'

'Upgrading and upgrading beauty'

'Abundant hair thinning'