'Black backpack' one Hee "Cold impression to blame in the misunderstanding..the reverse can be attractive."

'Thirty' Yang Se-jong, Shin Hye-sun Childhood Face Overlap 'Embarrassment + tears'

'Thirty, but seventeen.' Shin Hye-sun ♥ Yang Se-jong

'Thirty, but seventeen' Yang Se-jong, "Good people" Tsundere charm explosion on Shin Hye-sun

Ivy "No greed and ambition. The goal is to be a good person."

Jo Min-soo "Until the day of death" Shake Heart "Pray and pray"

AOA Chan Mi, Birthday Display board certification "It was a happy and warm day."

Lee Ha-nui "I want to leave the margin and go beautifully"

Lee Ha-nui "I will be an actress who will leave a beautiful space."