Goo Hara tried a suicide. But she was rescued. Now she is safe.

Goo Hara the most dazzling, Beautiful looks, and was proud.

Goo Hara, a lot more Mature ideal Self 'Beautiful looks patience'

"Santa suit+Passion dance"..Goo Hara, 日 Love Without Love (Live at Summer Vacation/08 SNS public, 'The letter read, tears'

'Marmal view' Goo Hara X Hwang Seung-eon X

"I can not even get glasses." Goo Hara, is this your friend?

Goo Hara "Skin Tips Apply skin care products"

Goo Hara, "The secret of baby skin? Not much cosmetics."

Goo Hara, "It's a doll."

Goo Hara, I'll blow out a big smile 'It's pretty even for me.'

Goo Hara, decorating for the weekend, Self 'Dreamy eyes'

Goo Hara, is the illusion true? Sincerity

"Like a Movie" .. Goo Hara, Black Comhosh English Training: Have Fun Improving Your Ski

'Wiggle head' Goo Hara, while still cute

Goo Hara 'Still fairies Beautiful looks'

Goo Hara 'Beautiful looks alone in the world'

Goo Hara, Ambassadors

Goo Hara 'Be careful with the heights of the tremendous heights'

'Is not it Barbie?' .. Goo Hara wearing One Piece

Goo Hara "The happiest moment, the day I spent peacefully and peacefully"