"Happy Thanksgiving!"..BTS and hand-craft with→Lee Seung-gi and Gong Hyo-jin, pouring ★'s Thanksgiving greeting

Gong Hyo-jin X, Kang Ha-neul 'Camellia profile so it' First, expect up line honey moon-shot

Success reunion to call?..舊 couple new trend→again, grossing over nothing

Gong Hyo-jin, 'Camellia need it' the shooting scene revealed "Oh Jung-se too funny"

'marriage' Lee Jung-hyun "Spare your love, its like a fight no..Son Ye-jin and Gong Hyo-jin cheer Thank You"

Lee Jung-hyun, today(7 days) marriage.."Gong Hyo-jin and Son Ye-jin this celebrating."

Gong Hyo-jin, we Pan towards the Hand greeting (Hye-Jin Jeon stage company)

Shin Min-a, Gong Hyo-jin film shot in the Iced coffee The Gift 'Close by'

'Hye-Jin Jeon' Jo Jung-suk "Gong Hyo-jin and middle-aged romance, Im Yoon-ah and also works and Spa"

Gong Hyo-jin, Son Ye-jin and Lee, Min-Jung and Oh Yoon-ah and Lee Jung-hyun and the New Year meeting.."Pretty people struggle"

Gong Hyo-jin, 'the Whiteness of the lips and'

Ryu Jun-yeol,'Gong Hyo-jin poses to follow'

Gong Hyo-jin, 'Iron is needed for the costume'

Gong Hyo-jin 'Love that smile'

Gong Hyo-jin,'The premiere ends, and the slightly nervous expression'

Gong Hyo-jin, a gorgeous White One Piece

Gong Hyo-jin 'Premiere market says Pure White Beautiful looks'

Gong Hyo-jin - Son Ye-jin - Park Min-young, star of Wanna One Shoulder One Piece

Gong Hyo-jin - Jo Jung-suk,'The Lover from only one'