'Wheelie House', Gong Hyo-jin and Lee Sung-kyung The following is IU.."7 November during recording"

Gong Hyo-jin, 'Wheelie House' scramble..Yeo Jin-goo and Itoda one-shot

Shin Minah, Han Ji-min This Independent Film Challenge join the "Gong Hyo-jin, Park Hyo-joo now"

Han Ji-min→Xinmin, the 'Independent Art Film Challenge' involved..Gong Hyo-jin and Park Hyo-joo now

Han Ji-min→new people→Gong Hyo-jin as the Lead 'Independent Art Film Challenge'

'Public double' Gong Hyo-jin, put glowing Model post. We know the feeling!

Gong Hyo-jin, lovely naked elegance armed..'In the movie, like a scene'

Gong Hyo-jin, Jeong Yong-jin now in the 'Thanks to the challenge' join

Actor known members 'Thanks to the challenge participated in.

Actress Kim Hye-soo, Gong Hyo-jin this new corona virus infection(Corona 19)to fight with and that medical Thank You to convey 'Thanks to the challenge participated in.

Lee Kwang-Soo, 'Three Meals a Day fishing village Duration 5' guest scramble..Gong Hyo-jin, this island life, and as

Actress Gong Hyo-jin this Spring feeling full of photos went public.

Actor Gong Hyo-jin, this pure, lovely atmosphere with a pictorial of cotton to transform him.

Actor Gong Hyo-jin this is the perfect Retro look was.

"Gong Hyo-jin and rather support→EXO Sehun"..'I live alone' hand and machine X security implementation, special friends with Haru

Lovely free attraction of co-existing, the 'Time table' Gong Hyo-jin

In the United States the film 'Parasites'of the Academy 4 related to the King the news pages of national celebrity of the celebration this was.

The film 'Parasites'this 'Article 92 of the annual Academy Awards'in the screenplay, International Film Festival, the Director, works up to 4 crown of flame on the middle, 'Parasites'and starring Actors as well as domestic stars of the celebration was pouring in.

The film 'Parasites'is at the Academy Awards with 4 golds, it's the bats, and the Korean film in the new history was made.