Actor Park So-dam this is the first time I saw MC source said.

Park So-dam, first MC girl toy "K-pop top the seniors Thank You"

Park So-dam, first MC girl toy "K-pop top the seniors Thank You"

Jung Woo-sung tuxedo→Kim Tae Hee Dress, stage as gorgeous as awards fashion

Lee Da-hee and of the Holy Spirit and Park So-dam and Lee Seung-gi, no MC

Bulletproof・TWICE→Jung Woo-sung・Kim Tae・Feng Shui, cherry cheesecake ★all..the line-up

Jeongdo Hong representatives - Jung Woo-sung, Golden Disk Awards target box

'2020 Golden Disc' lineup revealed..BTS and TWICE→Jung Woo-sung and Feng Shui, such as 120 ★s shot

Lee Seung-gi, the vehicle body-lit visuals (Golden Disk Awards)

Lee Seung-gi - Park So-dam, the 'Golden Disk proceed charge did'

3 years 'The Golden Disc'of the male MC, Lee Seung-gi

Lee Seung-gi and Park So-dam, Golden Disk Awards MC

Lee Seung-gi - Park So-dam, the 'Golden Disk Awards MC in charge did'

Monsta X and EXO Sehun&Chanyeol, discography division this honor

Seventeen and Baekhyun discography this "This year I will work hard. the"

'This' Seventeen and Baekhyun "Cool Music as that"

Lee Seung-gi, the eternal 'Goldie' moderator

'Goldie' Lee Seung-gi - Park So-dam, to push and pull society's

Lee Seung-gi X Park So-dam 'Fantastic visuals of the MC couple' (2020 Golden Disc)

Lee Seung-gi, Park So-dam, this 5 afternoon Seoul Guro Gocheok SkyDome opened in 'The 34th Annual Golden Disk Awards' (music division)Academy Awards attend to have have.