Group The Boyz(THE BOYZ)member of Kew, Sun Woo, Eric unique of the.

Han Ye Seul, unique hair color..lovely→A is dark charisma

EXO Sehun(EXO SEHUN), 'A payment that you can fit'

EXO Sehun, get that piece looks

"The atmosphere did"..purification, black hair beauty

"We, now the last"..EXID, a complete Departure

This is nature 'Man, another big site'

This is nature's 'Decorating is not gorgeous, Beautiful looks'

This is nature 'An filled eyes'

This is nature 'Red bag in red'

This is nature's 'Berlin as the shooting, leaving~'

This is nature's 'Laughing pretty mouth marketing'

This is demonstrated by 'Charles love that knife block development'

Seven French Clark current 'Pajama pants are also perfect digestion'

Seven French Clark current 'A decorated Airport fashion'

Seven French Clark current 'Skin'

Uee 'Move the on-screen information'

Uee 'Only one fashion'

Uee, from morning eyeball purification

Uee 'From morning light, or when'