Wanna One 'Spring breeze', charts a..6 at # 1

Group Wanna One this your comeback to major Music Chart # 1 swept.

'2018 MGA'writes first records #BTS X Charlie Fu #broadcast X music platform

"♥Why is the world Idol"..Jun Hyun-moo, BTS station, praised

BTS, first held '2018 MGA' 11 Crown feat

Wanna One,'Fantastic stage'

Wanna One 강다니엘,'Fantastic dance line'

Wanna One 이대휘,'Off eyes with'

Wanna One 박지훈,'Off eyes with'

Wanna One 강다니엘,'Intense eyes'

Wanna One 황민현,'Power full'

Charisma in running up.. Wanna One fantastic stage

Wanna One, 완전체부터 유닛까지 'Charisma'

'2018 THE' 찰리푸스, 해외 아티스트상 수상 "You never forget the moment, the Korean fans thanks"

Wanna One, MBC플러스 스타상.."Value with thanks"

Wanna One, MBC plus star of heroine 'I have my'

The song is also the group 'Beauty Bush' Wanna One, the male vocal award

Wanna One, 男보컬상 수상.."Harder to do"

Wanna One, 보컬상 수상 소감.."Warner Cable I love you"