Lee Seung Hoon of 'His grandparents Smurfs like'

Dean 'Sunglasses eyes not in the head writing that'

Sulli, the truth of our

Ahn Sol-bin, the eyes 'Moisture'

Sulli, juicer machine now has a smile

Sulli, 'Feed another human'

Sulli fell in love, sweet eyes

Sulli, 'Flowed a pure image'

Ahn Sol-bin, 'Each caught posing sense'

Sulli, pure charm and

'Sulli is the truth.'

Han Go-eun, 'the City Park North of us.'

Claudia Kim 'Dazzling Beautiful looks'

Claudia Kim, the 'Or smile'

Lee Sung-kyung, Palm face

Lee Sung-kyung, prettier just

Ryu Jun-yeol 'Path of eyes'

Ryu Jun-yeol, 'Sharp eyes'

Ryu Jun-yeol, 90 degree and admission to the

Yoo Ji-tae, Sight-catching fashion 'Money'