WINNER Kim Jin-woo 'Smile year of analysis'

Sandara 'Sunglasses even while Beautiful looks'

Zico 'Handsome with a shower and comes as'

Sulli 'Green seemed a Beautiful looks'

Ahn Sol-bin 'Hand greeting is slightly'

Sulli fell in love, sweet eyes

Ahn Sol-bin, 'Heart-fluttering eye alignment'

Ahn Sol-bin, 'a Regal pose'

Sulli, pure charm and

Sulli, 'The juicer already~'

Yoo Ji-tae 'Admiration coming out of the coat fit'

Yoo Ji-tae, Sight-catching fashion 'Money'

Singer and an actor Sulli with 13 PM in Seoul, Gangnam-GU, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam Estee Lauder pop-up store open in 'Estee Lauder'by Protocol to attend the ceremony to pose.

Lee Jung-jae 'Feel good eye out then'

Hwang Bo Ra 'Bouquets and Happiness for all'

Ko Sung-hee 'Honk popping the heart of Dublin'

Hwang Bo Ra 'Unique fashion'

Kim Dong-wook - Ko Sung-hee 'Arms folded and stance'