Song is "What is Celeb five centers, they love to" feel

Kim Seung-Hye, "What I have this dream every night Jung Hae In and two-shot..than I am glad, 'acknowledged'"

Gag Woman Kim Shinyoung slender body boasted.

Park Na-rae, 'Always Monster Energy overflowing expression'

Park Na-rae 'Appeared from Sohn Suk-hee'

Park Na-rae, gag watch pocket necklace

Park Na-rae 'Fashion is a source of confidence'

Kim Min-Ji,'Her Gag Woman of Shining Romance Beautiful looks'

'For Lily Fever' Park Na-rae, of different Beautiful looks.."Sometimes these days"

Jang Doyeon 'To be a Gag Woman of the pinch'

Kim Min-kyung 'It is gratifying to see only'

Park Mi-sun 'I recovered a lot.'

'Running Man' side "Shin Hye-sun, excellent ability .. ACE active"

'Running Man', Shin Hye-sun confirmed .. Explosion of the arts notice (official position)

Shin Hye-sun, 'Running Man' debut .. 'Thirty'