Girl group 'GFriend' member Kim Ye-won of the Beautiful looks with Snowy Road catching.

Group GFriend member Yerin, this cute, Beautiful looks, and was proud.

Samsung Group GFriend member Kim Ye-won with pure's said.

Samsung Group GFriend SinB with invariably beautiful day in the public.

Group GFriend most of the new album concept photo, add the public and for the comeback to it was.

"Eugene and my→Sunye this 3 generation idol also" Chen, a surprise marriage announcement

EXO Chen, 13, is already marriage?..SM Entertainment "In fact the last"

"Already spare PA"..EXO Chen 'marriage+pre-marital pregnancy' surprise announcement

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EXO Chen non-artists GFriend and marriage should be

Chen, marriage and Out of wedlock news on EXO gallery "Embarrassed, but congratulations"(professional)

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"Blessing, come to find out"..EXO Chen, a surprise marriage announcement, fans panic VS cheer

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EXO Chen, non-Smoking and marriage.."GFriend 16 and Pregnant" confession also

EXO Chen, non-celebrity women and marriage announcement "Blessings, come to find out"

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EXO Chen "Girlfriend and non-public marriage..blessings and" paper and Bonnie Wright

Idol group EXO's member Chen this GFriend of 16 and Pregnant news to announce in the midst GFriend 16 and Pregnant 7 months the car was hit, and the Wedding ceremony already in the Cathedral raised the sidewalk came out.